Wedding Magician

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Wedding Magician.

Wedding Magician Kent Magic OZ is a professional Kent Wedding Magician and close up magician who uses comedy and magic combined, he also acts as a family wedding toastmaster MC who is popular all over the UK.

Wedding Magician Magic OZ

Magic OZ is a professional wedding magician and comedy family wedding toastmaster MC who is popular all over the UK for his ‘signature’ entertainment brand. He possesses a rare natural talent for finding humour in normal or challenging situations and combines it with the expertise he has gained over many years in entertaining guests at parties; get together, weddings, trade shows, restaurants, and corporate events. He is a versatile wedding anniversary magician who uses intriguing magic such as close up magic, amazing illusions and clean comedy for providing guests with genuine fun and laughter. An interesting fact about Magic OZ is that he wants every guest to experience the versatility of his magic and this is why he makes his tricks personalized and unique, Wedding Magician Kent.

Magic OZ at Weddings and Receptions.

Wedding is one of the most memorable events in a person’s life and with his unique brand of comedy; Magic OZ ensures that its memories last permanently in minds of the couple and guests. As one of the top magicians in Kent, Magic OZ strongly believes in the wonders of using magic, for bringing your family, friends, and guests together who have not met each others before.

Close up Wedding Magician

Strolling Magic.

Prior the wedding, Magic OZ performs strolling magic where he performs unique sleight of hand magic by using simple objects, such as coins, balls, and cards. This creates a relaxing atmosphere, which encourages guests to know each other better and enjoy the event, Wedding Magician Kent.

Magic throughout the Reception.

Wedding is a stressful event, where everything must be perfect. Here Magic OZ performs a critical role as he creates a stunning effect on guests with his legendary magical skills. He involves them in his performance so that they can watch his tricks closely and yet, wonder how the magic took place!

Magic Oz Wedding Magician

Magic after Wedding Dinner/Brunch.

Magic OZ believes that your wedding must be memorable for the couple and guests, magic oZ enhances your day not takes over. For this reason he reserves his best magic for this occasion. At this point, he especially involves family members and friends from both sides. He believes that this way, it’s easier for them to start a conversation and develop a genuine interest in each other.

The Best Wedding Magician today

Hiring Magic OZ.

Magic OZ is a professional wedding children and adult magician who uses a wide range of magic tricks for mesmerizing your family and friends. He is an innovative person who refines his skills regularly so that his clients never get bored. He is a dedicated magician, who performs the art of magic right in front of their eyes

He offers a customized services to each and every new or old customer, the best part is that he varies his magic, according to natural progression of an event.

He is a fun and charming character who works hard to make your very special day the best it could possible be. His entertainment is clean and suitable for both children and adults. His wedding children’s entertainment skills have always been appreciated by children and adults alike, Wedding Magician Kent.

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Wedding Magician Kent.

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